Bowling Park Primary has been on a long journey in the last 11 years, and its success has been down to the hard work and determination of the staff who work there and the belief that children can succeed. Here at Improving Impact, we believe that it is people who make the difference. You can see the vast difference that the team has made here… 

Bowling Park Primary Progress Scores 2019

Bowling Park’s progress scores for 2019 placed the school in the top 1% of all schools in the country for reading, writing and maths. In maths, Bowling Park was 15th in the country and 1st in Bradford for progress. 69% of children achieved combined Age Related Expectations or above. 


Bowling Park Primary School Three Year Trend

For the last three years, school has shown above average progress measures across reading, writing and maths. 



Parliamentary Review 2017 

My school and I were delighted to be featured in this year’s Parliamentary Review magazine; a publication which shares best practice from across the country and from a wide variety of industries. The article charts our improvement from 2008 onwards and discusses the key strategies that brought about change in our school. You can read the article here – Parliamentary Review: A Year in Perspective

Ofsted March 2017

“You, your leadership team and governors are unwavering in your determination to ensure that every child is nurtured, cared for and inspired to learn. This is the mission and the driving force of the school. Together, you have all been successful in enabling pupils to overcome barriers to learning. You have raised their aspirations and improved their life chances.”

B11 review December 2016

“The shared vision and commitment from all staff at both sites is second to none and worthy of dissemination to others within the education community.”

“The level of pastoral care provided by adults for all children, some of which are new to English is outstanding. There is a relentless drive for continued improvement from the headteacher and senior leadership team and staff have consistently high expectations of the children in their care. Due to this and the nurturing it provides, pupils are committed to be the very best they can and this is promoted through the school’s shared vision of ‘Going the Extra Mile. Making the Extra Difference’.”

“Leaders provide excellent support for their staff, CPD is on-going and all staff spoken to felt they were encouraged in all aspects of their career development. It was evident that staff morale is high due to the excellent relationships between all staff and consequently staff want to stay at Bowling Park.”

BPIP review June 2015

“There is highly effective leadership and management of the two sites as ‘one school’. There is a seamless way in which the ‘one school’ across two sites works in harmony due to the shared vision of the all the staff who are totally committed to the concept of ‘one school’.”

“Strategic management at all levels works successfully so that any staffing changes are managed well and the headteacher ensures that the school is effective in ‘growing their own’ leaders and teachers.”

“Senior leaders promote a strong sense of teamwork where everyone is valued.”

Ofsted February 2013

“The inspirational headteacher has gained the full confidence and support of all staff in his drive for improvement. Staff are happy and determined to raise achievement for all pupils. As one teacher said, ‘I am proud to be a member of the team.’ There is a clear understanding about priorities and the school is well placed to continue the improvements.”

“The headteacher has driven significant improvement since the last inspection. The role of subject leaders is stronger. Leadership is effectively improving the quality of teaching and pupils’ achievement.”

Ofsted June 2010

“The leadership and management team and governors have a very clear vision of the future they want for their pupils. Much has been done to unite the two school populations. Parents are almost unanimous when they say how proud they are of the school now. Two very different communities have become one cohesive community.”

“Staff and pupils want to improve so they can all succeed. Morale is high.”